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Welcome to BigDog Software! It's amazing what can be done with a little incentive and a lot of elbow grease. I have always wanted to learn to program, even played with it some over the years, but never was able to spend the time learning how. Played with HyperCard and ActionScript, Javascript and some PHP, but stayed away from languages like C. But after seeing how MacAddict went from Director to RealBasic and fairly easily and seeing all the ads, I decided to check it out myself. That, along with my love for all things Ghost Recon, brought me to this point and BigDog Software to you. Hope you enjoy the toys the old dog digs up.

Here's the first bone to be unearthed. MOD Commander! Click the screen shot to learn more...

NEW! Version 1.3.1 Freeware Version Now Available!

See MOD Commander X listed on Apple's website.


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